5 Things To Find At A Paint Store

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5 Things To Find At A Paint Store

8 February 2023
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Applying a coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to refresh the interior or exterior of your home. You can even use paint to modify and improve furniture you already own. Paint stores carry everything you'll need for any painting project, no matter how small or large. Here are five things you can find at a paint store near you:

1. Paint Chips 

Paint chips are an important tool for people planning home improvement projects. Paint chips are small color samples that are free to use. You can go to your local paint store to browse the colors they have available on a special rack of paint chips. Once you find the colors you like, you can take the paint chips home to see what they look like when held up against your walls and furniture. This can give you a good idea of what your finished project will look like before you start painting.

2. Primers

Before starting any painting project, it's important to prime your surface. This will ensure that the paint you apply goes on as smoothly and evenly as possible. Paint stores carry primers specially designed for interior and exterior use. You can also find sandpaper, paint strippers, and cleaning supplies that will help you prepare your surfaces for priming.

3. Stains

People who prefer a natural finish on wood may prefer stains to traditional paint. Fortunately, many paint stores also carry wood stains in various colors. Staining natural wood is a great way to protect it while bringing out its intrinsic beauty. You can find stains developed for indoor and outdoor use that can be used to finish or refinish existing wooden furniture.

4. Custom Paint Colors 

Choosing colors for your home can be a challenging endeavor. After all, you'll likely be living with the colors you pick for quite some time. Fortunately, paint stores give customers the opportunity to order custom paint colors. You can choose to have paint mixed from pre-existing samples or bring in a sample of your own for color matching. This can be helpful when trying to restore old furniture and rooms painted with discontinued shades.

5. Professional Assistance

Finally, customers can take advantage of professional assistance whenever they visit the paint store. Paint store personnel can give helpful advice to help customers with their home improvement projects. If you're not sure what type of paint, primer, or staying you need, talking to a customer service representative can ensure that you make the correct purchase.