Create Rustic Style Stools To Place On Your Cabin's Enclosed Porch

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Create Rustic Style Stools To Place On Your Cabin's Enclosed Porch

6 November 2017
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If you own a cabin that is located in an oak forest and have an overabundance of logs on your property, create rustic style stools to place on your cabin's enclosed front porch by completing the steps listed below. Arrange the stools around a coffee table so that you and anyone who stops to visit can sit on one of the unique seats while spending time on the porch.


  • safety goggles
  • gloves
  • measuring tape
  • permanent marker
  • power saw
  • power sander
  • sanding disk
  • water hose
  • tarp
  • stain
  • paintbrushes
  • oak leaves
  • book
  • craft glue
  • clear varnish

Cut And Sand Logs

Move the logs to a part of your yard that is empty. Put on safety goggles and gloves right before you prepare to use a power saw to cut the logs. Measure the distance between the top of the coffee table and the floor. Use this measurement to help you decide how tall to make each stool. Of course, you are going to want the stools to be shorter than the table, so consider cutting the logs into pieces that are a few inches shorter. Use a permanent marker to mark the sections of wood that you will be cutting through.

After powering up a saw, place the tool's blade directly against the marked sections and grip the tools handle with both hands as you press the blade all the way through the wood. Stand the logs upright and use a power sander to sand the top of each piece of wood. Once the wooden surfaces feel smooth, use a water hose to rinse off the log pieces and wait for the wood to dry.

Apply Stain And Secure Oak Leaves

Lay a tarp across a patio or driveway. Carry the stools, one at a time, and set them upright on the tarp. Use a paintbrush to apply one or two coats of wood stain to each stool's surface. Pick some oak leaves from the trees that are growing on your property. Choose leaves that are uniform and that do not contain holes or ragged edges. Press the leaves between pages in a thick book.

After the leaves have flattened, use a paintbrush that has a narrow row of bristles to apply a coat of craft glue to the backside of each leaf. Press the leaves across random parts of each stool. Once you have waited long enough for the glue to dry, use a standard paintbrush to add a coat of clear varnish over the surface of each stool. When the varnish has dried, carry the stools into the enclosed porch and set them up around the coffee table. 

Contact a store that carries rustic furniture for more information and assistance.