Why You Need A Supply Of Monogrammed Note Cards And When To Use Them

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Why You Need A Supply Of Monogrammed Note Cards And When To Use Them

28 October 2020
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Communication is a dying art. If it can't be squeezed into a 280-character post, an impersonal email, or a catch-all holiday letter, people just aren't sure what to do or how to say it. Communicating with fellow humans in a way that really connects with them does not have to difficult or even time-consuming, especially if you know the trick: monogrammed note cards.

Sending a hand-written note in a monogrammed note card takes just a few minutes, but can mean the world to the person receiving it, whether a personal or professional contact. It shows you made the effort for them. In today's fast-paced world, going old-school and writing your thoughts out on paper is meaningful.

The best part is that you do not have to buy special holiday cards or different personalized note cards for professional contacts. You can use monogrammed note cards for every friend, family member, and business acquaintance as well as for every holiday and event, including:

  • Say hello. People connect with hand-written notes. Take just ten minutes out of every week to jot out one to a friend or family member and one to a business colleague. You do not have to write much, just a few short lines updating them on your life and inquiring about theirs. 
  • Thank you. Sending thank-you notes used to be customary, but the habit is disappearing due to the convenience of emails and texts. When you have a supply of monogrammed note cards on hand, however, you can write out a thank you note, address the envelope, and affix a stamp all before your laptop can boot up.
  • Gift insert. Instead of buying a birthday card, use a monogrammed note card to enclose with your gift. It's easier and the recipient will know who the gift is from just from the initial on your card. 
  • New work contacts. Some professionals may suggest sending follow-up emails to new people you meet at work-related events. Stand out from the crowd and send a monogrammed note card instead. Mention your qualifications, or reiterate what you talked about. They'll remember you.

Maya Angelou once said, "At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel." By sending hand-written, monogrammed notecards you make feel people special. You make them feel that they are important enough to you that you are willing to put the effort into connecting with them. Posts and emails can't do that. 

Contact a craft store for more information about monogrammed note cards.